Gists: Nigeria’s Sustained Unity Non-Negotiable__Mr. Ben Nnabuihe,


“We have very influential and reputable leaders, but they have never pursued a common goal and this factor will continue to fight against the progress of the south easterners.”
Nnabuihe regretted that a lot of youths from the Igbo race have lost their lives in the renewed struggle for agitation for Biafra.
He said, “We have continued to lose our youths in the name of freedom and this will not end until we come together to agree on the right approach to solving our problems.”
He said that although the South East zone of the country appears not to be in the good books of the present administration, a good bargain could be made if the people of the zone would unite and ally with other parts of the country.
Nnabuihe also said that the zone could produce the country’s next president if a common interest was pursued in a strategic manner.
“We have the manpower and the resources to produce the next president, but that will only be possible if we are united,” he said.
He commended Ekweremadu for the donation, saying that the transformer would advance rural electrification efforts in the community.