Gists: MMM Has Ruined Me. I Will Commit Suicide

i dont know what to do because part of that money belongs to my husband and some for my mother in law. please is there any lawyer or human right person in this blog to help me recover my money. I will give the person half of the money. please. i dont mind. I sent a message to Barrister Ugwuanyi of DPA but he has refused to reply. please help me. MMM has ruined me. i want to kill my self. I am going mad. the people that introduce me to this thing started since and has made some money. me na just last week i do my own. please help me.

Please anybody who can help her should reach her on 08067678134 or send an email to before she does something drastic.


3 thoughts on “Gists: MMM Has Ruined Me. I Will Commit Suicide

  1. The fact u or down does not mean u or out… what ever u r passing through is an opportunity for God yo do something new for u… just trust in God n have hope things can change

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