Gists: Charges Against Nnamdi Kanu Were Merely Concocted To keep Him In Prison–Defence Lawyer

“Those charges were merely concocted to ensure that he is being continuously detained in prison custody and we say that the court should scrutinize the poor evidence attached to the charges to determine whether there is any atom of truth in it and once the court formally goes into the application, that’s the end of the case and if they say ‘no’, we go to court of Appeal.”
Ejiofor also said that the Federal government really prepared today to continue with their plan to present masked witnesses for secret trial which could lead to Kanu’s imprisonment but they objected to this, adding that they are hundred steps ahead of them.
On the application against the trial court’s previous rulings at the Appellate court, Ejiofor said, “We’ve filed an appeal against the secret trial today and also we have filed an appeal against the ruling refusing him(Nnamdi Kanu) bail which can be heard any moment from now.”
Reacting to the issue of some pro-Biafra supporters arrested by agents of the DSS, Ejiofor said, “Today, we also brought to the attention of the court about those people being extra-judicially detained in DSS custody. These are people who went to visit Nnamdi Kanu in prison and when they’re going home they were tracked from Abuja to Abia state and arrested them and they have been in custody till today despite the fact that we have filed an application for their release before the court.
“The DSS is still holding them, they have been denying of them being in their custody and I told the court today that we have confirmed yesterday from their relatives that most of them have been killed.
“If they have killed them, they should avail us of their corpses let us go and give them a befitting burial. We will continue to match them with whatever tactics they come up with. So be assured of good professional representation in this matter and be assured that Nnamdi Kanu cannot be tried in secret nor convicted.”