Gists: 7 Simple Things Men Wish Their Woman Know About Them

“My dear, am not emotionally dead, I think about you all the  time. Every little thing reminds me of you even though I don’t know how to express it. Most times my own thoughts confuses me, but believe me or not, you are always on my mind”. That was Desmond trying to convince Jane of his love for her after they reconciled.
Most women think their men aren’t thinking about them, the believe  that all they do is watch football match, hangout with friends, have business lunches and other stuffs but take it or leave it, girlfriend, they are actually thinking about you. *winks* well I don’t know how truth that is, but they claim so. While I was chatting with my male folks, I discovered several things they wish women in their lives know about them and they are :-


2 thoughts on “Gists: 7 Simple Things Men Wish Their Woman Know About Them

  1. The funny thing the people here don’t seem to realize how dumb they are to buy in to such a negative belief system. All of these mamtitahecal chances of disaster are a part of our universe and nature, but it’s this same system that has put us here in the first place. Why not just be thankful?

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