Gists: MMM Froze My Money

Hi Starrygists, hen MMM froze my money, I thought about it and I found out that life without MMM MONEY would be meaningless.
So I decided to kill myself.
I jumped from my reading table to my very soft Mouka foam but I didn’t die. I went to the express road and looked carefully before
crossing the road and nothing happened to me.
I drank four rubbers of lacasera with plenty suya but nothing happened, I took a lot of mangoes without swallowing the seeds, yet I
didn’t see hell!.
I proceeded to another level of concotion. I prepared gizzard and kidney sauce with strawberry juice and lots of fresh tomatoes,yet
nothing happened to me. I ate cake,chocolate mixed with ice cream still I didn’t die. Am so worried now because I just finished
eating fried rice with chilled Malta Guinness and fresh fruit salad but nothing has happened to me. I am really upset now.
Friends, what do I do? Should I try fried plantain
and chicken with fresh milk? Will it work???
*So confused


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